IMMERSIVE MES: the next step in the evolution of MES

Innovative and highly technological

IMMERSIVE MES: the web-based solution, also available in the Cloud, highly customisable and integrated with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) systems, as well as the most innovative logistics and warehouse management systems, for a fully immersive experience.

IMMERSIVE MES: the next step in the evolution of MES

An immersive MES is a web-based system that collects and distributes information and exchanges it with all other in-line components. Thanks to the communication between  MES, Hololens visors, and wearable barcode scanners, the system offers  centralised , real time data collection, perfectly in line with the principles of Lean production.

IMMERSIVE MES offers total digitalisation of processes, and provides benefits in terms of environmental sustainability, with huge reductions in the use of paper and waste in general, as well as boosting productivity.
IMMERSIVE MES stands out in terms of innovation, ergonomics and security, and assures unbeatable scalability and modularity.

Born for assembly, ready for any application

Our IMMERSIVE MES was born on an assembly bench with the following functional objectives:

  • to communicate in real time with interconnected devices;
  • to support operators in assembly tasks;
  • to track components;
  • to monitor and improve the health of the operator.

The operator is guided and assisted by technology, thus reducing errors, cost and stress.

Thanks to the wearable  Mark Display scanner from Proglove, the operator can work handsfree, thus guaranteeing total tracking of the components and the finished product.
When they use the Microsoft HoloLens visor, with its augmented reality technology, the operator can see the assembly instructions, request remote assistance when problems arise, and obtain a prompt response.
The HoloLens also monitors the health of the wearer, thanks to its use of iridology: it monitors the stress of the user and measures their blink rate to determine how focused or tired they are.

Available functions

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