Production process quality control

The indispensable tool for Industry 4.0

Quality 4.0 is the principle that guides all data collection via the vertical and horizontal integration of systems and processes. 

Digitalising data enables you to move your quality diagnostics data from the level of production to the level where decisions are made, and vice-versa. 

Now more than ever, managing the quality of your company processes has become a fully fledged factor in achieving competitive success.

We offer consultancy and solutions for:

Artificial vision

Systems equipped with advance vision systems with high speed image acquisition and processing for detecting fabrication defects and monitoring production lines, thus enabling reliable quality control.


Cobots are the best answer to the requirements of Industry 4.0: flexible production, low costs, increased plant efficiency, and increased production speed.

RFID tracking

An automatic identification technology which uses RFID tags and readers to speed up controls and the collection and transmission of part and lot data, even in the most challenging industrial environments.


The MES system offers complete and correct industrial production data collection, eliminating paper records and all the errors and delays associated with them. Production progress reports are created by a PC, tablet or smartphone using a web browser or app, making process data available in real time, whenever and wherever needed, thus perfectly integrating the factory systems.

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