The best technologies for production management and data collection

Over the years, we have responded effectively to the digitalisation revolution in business.
The main requirements are related to production:
Interconnecting machines, MES systems, interfacing IoT and barcode, RFID, sensor and man-machine system technologies to obtain an integrated information system which includes automation, logistics and production: we are ready to support you in every area of operations.


The MES system offers complete and correct industrial production data collection , eliminating paper records and all the errors and delays associated with them. Production progress reports are created by a PC, tablet or smartphone using a web browser or app, making process data available in  real time, whenever and wherever needed, thus perfectly  integrating the factory systems.

IIoT, Cloud, M2M

The best technologies for implementing the Smart Factory using the Industrial Internet of Things, for monitoring and controlling remote devices, Cloud solutions and our software for machine-to-machine communications.

The Andon Board System

Innovative systems for displaying and memorising key performance indicators (KPIs) on large monitors to enable real time production control and effectively monitor the performance of all operators.


The two-way communications offered by the wearable scanner make it possible to acquire and check the consistency of the scanned data (picking list) in real time.


Cobots are the best answer to the requirements of Industry 4.0: flexible production, low costs, increased plant efficiency, and increased production speed.

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