Solid partnerships


An engineering company established in Munich in December 2014, it launched the first wearable barcode scanner in September 2016, thus setting a new bar for the future of intelligent devices for Industry 4.0. Its constant growth and international outlook has enabled it grow into a company with a workforce of 165 from 40 countries.

The collaboration

We share a human-centric approach to innovation and compete in a digital age in which the potential of Industry 4.0 is based on connectivity, data, machines and technology.
Proglove is a partner that believes that the digital transformation will reach its full potential for business only when it fully integrates the human factor.
Proglove technologies, like our own solutions, enable the user to be more efficient, integrated and authorised. Thanks to their fast prototyping methodology, the company can already count Audi, BMW, Bosch, Daimler, DHL and Lufthansa Technik among their clients.


Qualitas Informatica is the Italian leader in the development of MES systems. It has been the producer of MES Net@Pro, the Industry 4.0 software for improving production processes, since 1986. It is widely recognised as the point of reference for manufacturers wanting to optimise their production and achieve high production standards.

The collaboration

With our twenty years of experience in production management systems, we immediately saw that MES Net@Pro is an essential tool for controlling company processes in real time. Our team’s system integration know-how, combined with the performance of Net@Pro, are a winning solution for the Industry 4.0 governance of company processes.


B&R has been a leader in industrial automation for more than 35 years. It is guided by the motto “Perfection in automation”, not just in its development of technological solutions, but also in its relations with its clients, partners and workforce. B&R has operations in over 78 countries, with its specialised staff always at the side of the client.

The collaboration

In the light of our deep involvement in industrial automation projects, we have found B&R to be a reliable partner, able to offer a range of products which covers every need in terms of machinery and automation systems. All their products are integrated into a single development and control platform, a guarantee of unbeatable quality and performance.


Cognex Corporation was established in 1981 thanks to Robert J. Shillman and is now the world’s number one supplier of vision systems, software and sensors, and industrial ID scanners for production automation. With offices in North America, Europe, Japan, Asia and Latin America, Cognex services an international clientele with its global network of integration and distribution partners.

The collaboration

Cognex shares our aim of helping companies to improve the quality of their products, eliminate errors in production and reduce costs. All this is made possible by the use of Cognex vision systems, which are ideally suited to controlling production lines, managing robotic assembly processes and detecting defects, as well as tracking, sorting and identifying components.


Kentix GmbH is a German company which makes intelligent devices for building security and the physical security of IT equipment to the very highest quality standards. Kentix systems offer network-based solutions for every requirement and are suited to use in any business.

The collaboration

We have found Kentix to be a reliable partner in the development of integrated security solutions: environmental monitoring, access control, power monitoring and IP video surveillance.

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