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Services and applications for the Smart Factory

Building the Smart Factory is our objective.

But - what is a Smart Factory?

The Smart Factory is a factory managed by intelligent devices, connected with each other and with their external environment, to enable process automation. The Smart Factory is characterised, first and foremost, by the high degree of interconnection between the factory’s machines and systems, to assure centralised control of all production variables.
Discover our proprietary machine-to-machine communications solution


AreaM2M is a cloud-based machine-to-machine communications service for big data and business intelligence

AreaM2M is design to assist OEMs, system integrators, IT companies, and software service providers who require a centralised, cloud-based platform for acquiring data from remote devices. 

The platform supports connectivity with any device, worldwide. 

Strategically, the platform enables companies to avoid reinventing the M2M technology stack, thus reducing the overall investment required to develop, maintain and manage complex M2M applications.

AreaM2M is available as a PAAS, or installed at the client’s datacentre premises.


Which protocols does AreaM2M support?

  • AreaM2M supports all the major TCP/IP field protocols  : Modbus, Fins, Opc-Da, Opc-Ua, Siemens, Allen Bradley, MQTT and FTP
  • It uses the principal real time two-way propagation protocols, including:  SignalR, WebApi, Http, MQTT and FTP.


How are data made persistent with AreaM2M?

AreaM2M allows the data to be saved in a Microsoft SQL Server Historian system, or in text files in the client’s preferred format.

Do you need a data collection system, but you don’t know where to start?